Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kerala Special Omelet.

I personally believe Omelet is an amazing dish which has its own version in every household and even a different version per person. I have tried a lot of varieties of these and loved every one of them. My Sunday brunches always feature one of these. My Sunday brunch Omelets include the veggie and meat kind and occasionally the baked kind too. But one that me and my hubby keep going back to is the loaded Kerala Omelet. Maybe its the connection with our Moms' cooking and childhood, maybe its what we called an Omelet for the first time before we even knew there were others...but this Omelet is one good stuffer. And we used to have it as an accompaniment with rice too, like most Indians do. Any kind of protein is never taken alone, but always with some carbs and vegetables, and definitely in smaller portions. But thats another story completely.
Coming back to the Kerala Omelet, we always made it with small onions, green chillies and curry leaves. But my best friend makes it with fresh scraped coconut in it. That version I have tasted and have to agree is delicious. But then again, there is a base recipe for all of us. I have also seen my Mom make it with tomatoes, but I stay clear of anything that makes the eggs more watery.  Unlike the American or French Omelet, the eggs are beaten with gusto and is cooked on both sides, ensuring a crisp external lace, which is gently browned and was loved by us as kids (and we never grew up!).
Anyway, its best served with a buttered slice of toast (or two), and some hot beverage on the side.

2 Eggs (room temperature)
a handful of small onions--peeled and chopped finely
2 or 3 green chillies
curry leaves--a sprig, washed and chopped
a tablespoon of milk
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
1/4 tsp chilli powder
a dash of pepper
salt--as needed
a tsp coconut oil

In a small bowl, mix the milk, turmeric, chilli, pepper and salt.
You will need an omelet pan with lid preferably non stick.
Meanwhile heat a nonstick omelet pan in medium heat, and coat it with the coconut oil.
To the mixing bowl, add the eggs and beat well. Make sure there are no lumps of the spice. Lastly, fold in the chopped onions, chillies and curry leaves.
Gently, pour the egg mixture into the pan and tilt the pan in all directions, and get the egg evenly distributed. Cover, keep the heat between low and medium. In a few minutes, you will see the egg bubbling up inside the pan. Remove the lid and let the bubbles deflate. Gently flip the omelet.
The covering reduces the cook time, so it will just take a minute on the other side.
Now serve it warm along with buttered toast. Enjoy!

This kind of Omelet gets its distinct taste from the turmeric, coconut oil and moistness from milk. So adding just these ingredients to your eggs, can yield the same taste with other ingredients.  And this recipe yields one serving. If you need multiple servings, just make separate ones, because making one big omelet usually means uncooked onions or browned eggs, both a big turnoff!