Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Amazing, amazing Egg: Part 3 - Egg Aviyal

Some of the best tasting things are also the most simplest things. Ever grown so hungry, that you reached for a slice of plain bread and munched on it? The sweetness, taking over the taste buds and the aroma filling your nose, slowly raising your blood sugar a little by little, to signal your brain, "Mmmm" ?
Okay, Maybe that's not what your brain was saying...I don't speak Brain! But you get my point.
My Mom used to make this amazing dish whenever she used to run out of veggies, or when she was pretty hard pressed for time. Either way, it took just minutes to put together this dish and the ingredient list was just under10. Or to be exact, 8!!!
Its a spin-off from the Original Aviyal which has been a constant and popular dish in traditional Keralite meals.
Aviyal is the one dish in which the humble, unassuming Curry leaf is an actual ingredient and not just tempered for flavor and then thrown away. I have seen Grandmas who use to cook in earthern pots, actually pick tender curry leaves from their own trees, dip it in virgin coconut oil and throw it into a fragrant pot of light yellow simmering veggies over a wooden fire. Ahh, Old memories are also pure gold!!!
Coming back to our present times, this spin-off has been my comfort food for years now, and like any comfort food, its not healthy to eat it daily. Eggs and Coconut are the main ingredient in this South Indian spin-off and if you ignore those its loaded with the good part of the veggie family like Indian drumsticks, curry leaves, cumin and turmeric---all great anti-oxidants. So give it a try and I'm will like it too!

Eggs- 6  (hard boiled, peeled and cut in halves)
Fresh/ Frozen grated coconut---2 cups
4 green chilies, washed and stem removed
Turmeric--1 tsp
Cumin seeds-- 1 tbsp
Curry leaves---1 or 2 sprigs
Indian drumsticks---trimmed to 1.5 inches, about a cup or more

In a blender grind together coconut, chilies, cumin and turmeric together, with a cup of water.
In a nonstick pan, pour the ground mix and cook. Add the drumsticks and curry leaves, bring to a boil, then cover with a lid and let simmer in med-low heat. Check seasoning and add salt as needed.
When the drumstick kernels are tender, add the eggs. Mix gently so as to not break the egg yolks. Remove the lid and let the water evaporate. Flip the egg halves over carefully once to enable the spices to permeate them.
When there is no more water rivulets in the bottom and the gravy has a more dryer look, remove from fire and serve hot with rice and dal/ kadhi/ Moru curry (tempered yogurt).

Mamma's Note:-
Feel free to throw in sliced strips of potatoes, eggplants or even any veggie aviyal ingredients into this, along with the drumsticks. It still is going to be yummy and amazing!

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