Monday, March 11, 2013

All about Princesses and their Tea Parties...

Typing the above title, made me wince- almost,...that's how much of a tomboy I am! growing up, I never had a barbie, a tea-party or even a princess dress up kit. But I distinctly remember a lot of trees and the amazing aerial view from the top of them. The ladies in my life, always tried very hard to keep me down from trees, keep me dressed in nice, girly frocks and instill some kind of feminine qualities in me, like wash my face on a regular basis, but no! I preferred to roam around in muddy shorts, with dirt on my face, climbing trees and picking fights or playing cricket with boys.
But years later, I have evolved (or forced to change?) into a lady on the outside, but a tomboy by heart. I have managed to camouflage myself enough outwardly to fit in, keeping my wild side pretty much reined in. Today, I am a Mom, a wife and pretty much, a quieter version of myself and have settled into my more responsible role. And as a Mom to a daughter, my views have matured to see that there exists two sides to every coin.
My daughter takes on the very wild spirit that I used to be, and it never ceases to amaze me to discover what a miracle it is to see so much of yourself in another separate person. My daughter inherits a lot of traits from me, but her surroundings sometimes manage to overpower these traits, making her to go into those "phases". As a Mom who instinctively understands if she is going against her true nature, I know the majority of these phases are just social experiments that are the building blocks to the amazing woman she will grow up, tomorrow.
That kind of wisdom really lets you enjoy those so called "phases". One of those, included her wanting to be a Doctor, which kind of lasted a couple weeks. All that time, anyone lying down for a nap or just to rest, would suddenly find themselves poked and asked to open the mouth and ears for her scrutiny so that she could diagnose you, prescribe medicines and a give you a  mandatory injection, for whatever was wrong with you. Then it was a puppy phase, where she would walk on all fours, shake her cute little rear and the worse part, lick or nip you. Thank Goodness, that lasted just a week!
Anyways, the phase she is going through right now is where she thinks of herself as a princess and is having plenty of tea parties. (Thanks Disney Channel!!!) In case you didn't know, a princess just cant have tea without a lot of finger foods. (Thanks again, Disney channel!) So since she has enlisted Mommy to her personal Kitchen Staff, it has fallen upon me to keep her Tea Room constantly supplied with delicate, tiny snacks that fits into her Porcelain tea set. Apple juice, or bottled water with a few drops of Rooh Afza (Rose Syrup) passes off as Tea and if she fancies a green Tea, I add some Khus syrup to!
Now she is flexible on the teas but when it comes to sandwiches, I have seen she prefers real food, not the pretend stuff. And since some of these "Tea-room sessions" go on for hours, it was smarter to incorporate her snacks or sometimes meals into these play-times. So I have been baking miniature cupcakes and cookies, and sandwiches after I discovered how she loves it when I cut it into tiny triangles.
I am not sure how long these random phases last, but I do know when we think back after many years, it will all be so silly and funny. As a Mom, my job is to make these moments as perfect as I can make it, for her to draw something positive from the emotions she felt, to shape what she wants for herself.
As far as the recipes goes, I am going to share her favorite Princess Sandwiches, which are a simple chive and cream-cheese sandwiches, stuffed with thinly sliced cucumber slices. Then there are small, non messy Mini-Pizzas that were custom-created for a princess who didnt want to get her hands messy from Pizza Sauce and sloppy veggies falling off the regular Pizzas.
Hope you enjoy making these for your Princesses or just try them out yourselves, to get a taste of Royal Finger foods. (wink!)

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