Friday, July 11, 2014

Mamma's Savory French Toast

Hey Peeps,
Its been almost 6 months now, that I joined Chef at Large and found myself in the middle of World Class Foodies, who are just as crazy as me when it comes to food. It was here that I met Sonal G. She is one of the most talented and creative bloggers I have come across. She not only became a very good friend, but also mentored me on the finer aspects of blogging and cooking. She never fails to amaze me with her huge collection of recipes that is every bit amazing and unique as her.

Her blog "Simply Vegetarian 777" has a dedicated number of followers who stay tuned in to the yummy vegetarian posts she churns out systematically.

I adore her and always tune in to her blog, so it came as a very pleasant surprise when she asked me to feature in a Guest post in her blog. I accepted in a heart beat! Thank you Sonal. I am honoured! :-)

Now, I am a staunch non vegetarian who goes cranky if I dont get my animal protein. I need some meat or fish or eggs on a daily basis in a very small portion. Au contraire, Sonal's blog features vegetarian recipes which are her forte. I couldn't think of anything vegetarian that Sonal hasn't attempted on her blog. But she graciously let me use eggs in my recipe, and I made her some French Toast but, with a twist.

Savory French Toast: A french toast made without all that sugar, but absolutely yummy.

You can visit my Guest post and get this recipe here. Please visit,try and do let me know how you find my recipe. xoxo



  1. It was all my pleasure hosting you Nisha :). The feeling is mutual. I adore you and your approach. Keep rocking as always :).

  2. Hi Nisha, I am one of the co-hosts this week for Fiesta Friday, where Sonal has shared your guest post and your blog. Thank you for r creating such a clever and tasty vegetarian recipe when you love your meat based protein! I look forward to following your culinary journey though your blog! By the way, Blogger and Wordpress appear to be at war so comments made as a Wordpress user are not being accepted by Blogger…I am hoping that many of the Fiesta Friday crew have visited you but have been unable to leave a comment. My first comment did not go through so I had to comment anonymously ...Selma | Selma's Table.

    1. I understand Selma.
      Thank you very much for the kind words and support. Looking forward to getting to know more wonderful blogger like you. <3