Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Wishes and then some Venting, that's long due.

First let me wish all my readers a belated Christmas. I sincerely hope your Christmas was truly blessed.
The past three weeks have been a little more than depressing for me due to the chilling and horrifying slew of events happening all over the world.
I am a Mom, a woman and a wife, these things affect me to an extent that I really cant be creative without my brain wandering. To top that food has always been associated by me, to joyful times. So for three weeks, every weekend I stared at my blog main page, unable to come up with anything even remotely appetizing. Turning on the news was just awful. Every time I saw a panic-stricken parent's picture or the terror of another one realizing his/her little one's life was s unjustly snuffed out, just reduced me to tears. I hugged my kids tighter and prayed for granting the mental strength to those parents who lost their kids in the Sandy Hook Tragedy and the brave adults who laid down their lives trying to protect the little ones. May your souls rest in eternal peace.

And then as things started getting back to the normal, I hear about the young student who was attacked in Delhi and I was shocked. What kind of boys are we raising who can do such things to another living being?
As the poor girl lay in the hospital bed, fighting for her life, my face book page was filled with images of graphic punishment suggestions for the perps and protest profile picture changes and heated emotional outbursts from men and women, all over the nation. I had to keep clenching my fingers, to not type anything caustic and offend someone! :-/
First of all, its pure hypocrisy to feel all that angst, because I have seen it for myself how much all these people want to escape to the safety of their cocoons, when there is a real need for pro-activeness. Everyone would rather be just a by stander so that they can share how terrible was it, via words or worse, their camera phones; or how it "actually" happened...rather than helping a victim. I know first-hand that when violence is seen there are only a handful of people in a million who would rush in to get the victim help or have the balls to report it. All for the fear of the big bully that is the system itself.
So you post a black dot on your Facebook profile page to protest the rape, but will you actually be able to stop it or report it to the authorities, bear witness at court if it ever reaches the court?
So you want rats to gnaw on the perps'  body parts, but have you ever voted for someone who can actually change the system, or even thought about how a change can be brought about in the current, flawed system?
I leave these questions hanging for you to answer yourself, for the day these questions will be answered positively, the change will have already begun.
Until then lets steer clear of the hypocrisy and just pray for the victims and their families and be just thankful its a stranger and not your own. 

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