Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Classic Tuna Melts

I can shout from rooftops, "I love seafood, all kinds of it!" and never get tired. On one end is the delicate, expensive and fresh variety which I use sparingly for special occasions (think halibut, lobster etc) and then there is the ready-in-a-minute, weekday kind of seafood dishes, which  are planned in a whimsical minute. During those times, the first thing I go to is the pantry where I keep my canned tuna or salmon.
There are so many easy, wholesome delicious items that can be made from canned tuna or salmon, and I will share all of them with y'all one by one, but for now lets focus on a deli hit: Tuna Melts!!!
I always have my freezer stocked up with Artisan Loaves, rolls and Torta rolls, because there is no one in our household who doesn't like sandwiches. Not a week goes by without making me a quick ham and cheese or grilled cheese or BLT or an elaborate Club Sub around here.
This Tuna Melt can be made with any kind of chewy or crusty bread and will come out a winner. I hate Miracle whip and stick to real mayonnaise made with whole eggs. Add more or less veggies to suit your taste-buds, and to make a filling meal when paired with a simple drink and some fries/chips on the side. Let me warn you---Nothing diet or low fat about this one! If you want to save calories, go with a smaller serving size.

Overall prep time: About 15 mins. Serves: 4

 2 cans chunk light or albacore tuna, in water --- lightly crumbled and drained (abt 10 oz total)
2 tbsp chopped green onions
1/2 cup mayonnaise
2 tbsp finely chopped celery
2 tbsp pickle relish
8 slices of thick cut bread, or 4  rolls (split open and halved)
4 slices cheese (Use American or sharp cheddar)
Oil/ butter- to brown the sandwiches

In a bowl, combine tuna, mayonnaise, onion, pickle relish and celery; mix well.
Scoop out a little trench inside the rolls. Put a cheese slice on each of the 4 scooped rolls/bread slice
Spread tuna mixture over cheese slices and top with remaining bread slices/ half-rolls.
Sprinkle/spray a little oil on each side of the bread/roll and brown in low heat, in a skillet. Once browned lightly on both sides, remove carefully and plate them. One trick for melting the cheese in the sandwich is to cover it with a domed lid for a couple minutes, taking care the bottom doesn't get too browned. Or you could use a panini grill or toaster oven.
Feel free to mix chopped crunchy veggies into the mix like cucumber, carrots and even cabbage. Cabbage is an excellent complement to fish entrees, when raw and thinly sliced.

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