Thursday, January 3, 2013

Classic Cheeseburger Sliders

Whenever we go to our wholesale club, my kids need just one thing from the Freezer: Sliders!
These mini-burgers are microwavable and come individually packed, in a box of 24. My kids have it every now and then, and just like that its gone.
I wanted to try making them, but always put it off, since I didnt want the kids to be really dependent on meat, the American way. I do let them have red meat occasionally but prefer to raise them on a healthy, home-cooked meals comprising of menus from all over the world. Anyone raising kids know that that is no easy task, when the kids are picky.
Back to sliders. Now I dont mind them having these sliders once a week or so, sice its good quality and the kids love it; but these boxes are really expensive, and my kids would eat about 3 pieces each and that didn't sit well with my budget. And, my peeps,  that is exactly when I started looking up the recipes for sliders.
These things are surprisingly easy to make and addictive. I used lean ground beef or ground mutton shoulder for my patties and used homemade pickles and ketchup. Now there are slider rolls available in grocery stores, but I like my rolls chewy, so I went ahead and put mine on Multi-grain English Muffins, and added grill-wilted baby spinach leaves to mine. It was yummy! But all you nose-wrinkling purists and can go ahead use the regular slider rolls in your sliders. It tastes good any which way! are already cutting out loads of chemicals and preservatives when you make these at home.


So here goes the recipe...

1.5 lbs of lean ground beef/ mutton keema
1 tbsp of dry oregano
1 tbsp of dry minced onion, or onion powder*
1 tbsp of dry minced garlic*
*If using fresh, double the quantity, and make sure its minced really fine.
1 whole egg
salt and pepper

12-pack slider rolls or English muffins, split
Sliced dill pickles
6 Cheese Singles, cut into quarters

Heat your grill up or heat up a griddle on low heat until the burgers are ready to sear.
Mix the ground meat well with onion, garlic, egg, oregano, salt and pepper.
One good way to mix is in a resealable bag, where your hands will stay clean (not for long- see the next step.)
Divide the mixture into 12 small balls, and flatten them to 1/2 inch thick discs.


Grill/ griddle them, cooking up 3-5 minutes on each side or until done. Top each burger with 2 quarters of  cheese slices and put a lid on the top during the last one minute of cooking time.


Toast the split rolls while the cheese melts.
On the bottom half of the roll, place the burger, sliced pickles, a little ketchup and top with the other half. Gently compress it so that the top half doesn't slip off.




Mamma's Tips:
. Increase the nutritive value of these sliders, by stuffing them with seared onions, tomatoes, bok-choy leaves etc.
2. Try sprinkling crumbled bacon bits, thinly sliced tomatoes and chopped lettuce for that BLT twist.
3.When making in large batches for adults, garnish it well with a baby dill pickle and cherry tomato skewered on one end of toothpick, and the other end holding the slider together. You can also use tiny flags available at bakery counters (usually meant for cupcakes).

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